5 Weird Facts You Didn’t Know About Casinos

The love and craze that we have for casinos is not something new. Irrespective of whether we gamble or not the concept of gambling has always attracted us. All of us wanted to try gambling or visit a casino at least once. Gambling is not just about gambling away money. In fact, there are a lot of interesting facts that we do not know about casinos. If you are a casino lover just like me, then here are some of the facts that might completely fascinate you.

The prison that had a casino for inmates:

Las Vegas as we all know is the global capital for gambling and casinos. The whole lot of gamblers in the world always have their eyes set on the casinos that are located in Las Vegas. Though times are changing and with gambling being legalised everywhere there are a lot of countries are expanding their casino base, Las Vegas will never be forgotten for its contribution to the gamblers’ world. So It wouldn’t be a surprise if Las Vegas had done something of this sort in the past. The Prison of Nevada had a small casino set up for the inmates. Though it doesn’t exist anymore, it sounded a little strange.

American vs. European:

The game rules do change from one place to the other. That is why we always say that it is important to have an eye on the rules that that particular casino has so that you can play better. But it is important to note that even the difficulty levels can change from one place to another. On such game is Roulette. While the European version of the game is easy to play the American version of the same is difficult and hard to win. Of course, Americans are the pioneers, and they are obliged to get their standards high.

Smallest casino in the world:

This fact made laugh a bit loud. Did you ever imagine that the smallest casino in the world would be set up at the back of a cab? Yes, it sounds weird, but that is the truth. The smallest casino in the world is located in London at the back of a cab, and there are quite a few people who visit that as well. The rules are flexible, but the gaming experience is the same. There is a dealer inside, a bar and a TV as well. All things set perfectly, it is a mobile casino and players are always welcome.

You can always ban yourself:

It is quite interesting to note that there is a provision prevailing in the gamblers world, where if the gamblers feel that they are into gambling way too much that might succumb to addiction, they can always voluntarily ban themselves. By doing so, they will not be permitted into any casino hall to play. This way the person will also be able to stay away from the gambling habit and get over the addiction.

FedEx and gambling:

FedEx has a great history with gambling. The founder of FedEx fell into loses, and he had no other go but to earn money by some means in order to save his company from sinking into debt. Thus he had to gamble and won huge amounts. Guess what? This way he earned a lot of money, and he was able to redeem his company.

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